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Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis, it basically affects the extensor compartment of the forearm.

In simple terms, tennis elbow can be defined as the inflammation caused at the common extensor origin of the forearm. All these extensor muscles of the forearm originate at common origin that is lateral epicondyle of the elbow. When the muscles are stretched from this common origin there is marked inflammation at that specific site together with pain 

Coming up with the causes, as the name suggests tennis elbow is majorly caused in the tennis players due to sudden throw movement resulting in marked stretch on lateral epicondyle while sudden extension of the elbow, it can also be caused in people carrying a suitcase and movements like squeezing and rinsing the wet clothes to remove off the water,

All such movements marks direct stretch on the lateral epicondyle,

It can also be seen in daily life as when the person will feel pain in forearm whether continous or in intervals, pain is also felt at the lateral epicondyle while doing extension movements at the wrist joint that may directly affects and activate the extensor muscles of the forearm causing pain, in more severe cases, pain persist continously making it difficult to do the daily activities and normal movements of the hand and forearm are made difficult due to pain

For its treatment , marked rest is required preventing the extension movements of the wrist or some jerky movements, heavy weight lifting should not be done also in sever cases, daily chores must be prevented so as to relieve the pain.

Icing or cold packs should be applied periodically on the lateral epicondyle , it should be done daily for 5 minutes each 3 times a day in circular motion, also along with this a local injection of hydrocortisome shall also be given to the patient so as to relieve the pain.

In Physiotherapy aspects, tennis elbow can be treated well, first of all a patient is made to wear a tennis elbow brace that is a cushion like band to be weared below the level of lateral epicondyle at the forearm, it may help in the way that by the band the extensor muscles near the origin are kept at rest and no work is done by them that may help in faster healing

Along with it , electrotherapy modalities can also be used for the treatment of tennis elbow, ultrasound therapy is applied at the level of lateral epicondyle so as to persue tissue healing for 5 minutes , also a orthopaedician's advice should be taken with proper follow-up.   A topical pain relieving diclofenac cream can also be applied on the patient's skin so as to relieve pain and give temporary relief.

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