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After a operative procedure is held in any of the field of medical sciences, there comes a role of a physical therapist.

Post-op therapy refers to a series of events held after the operation by the physical therapist on the patient's body.

The purpose of the post operative therapy is to make the body more functionally active along with to reduce the muscle wastings to be held due to some other circumstances like as immobilisation....

The main role of post operative therapy as seen in everyday life is seen in cases of TKRs - TKR here stands for Total Knee Replacements, as the name suggests TKR surgeries are done in the knee joint mainly as a progression to osteo-arthritis and commonly in old age, the articulating surfaces of the knee joint along with the articular cartilage gets degraded and is been replaced by implant that may change the articulating surface by artificial surfaces and joint space is maintained properly. The post- operative therapy for TKR management must be done so as to make the knee joint functionally movable and along with to regain all its muscle power and make it a pain free joint, in its early stages the limb must be supported with knee braces so as to control excessive or jerky movements, the treatment for TKR rehab marks nearly 2 months of conservative therapy along with definitive care, the guardian of patient here plays an important role, with the progression of time the limb becomes easy to move and functionally active, frequent use of cold packs at several intervals around the knee joint will also positively help in subsiding the inflammation, the range of motion must be completely attained in order to make the limb completely functional.

The TKR rehab must always start with gentle ankle - toe pumping, this ankle toe movement is very helpful also this may help in pumping the blood from the lower limb that is kept conservatively stable, following this isometric exercises should start, isometrics here refers to that the length of the muscle will not change, there will be a static contraction of the muscle. Firstly, isometric quadriceps will be done with 10 repetitions each and 10 second hold followed by isometric hamstrings following the same set of exercises, after this exercises another exercise named V.M.O. should be performed targeting the vastus medialis muscle. All these exercises are thoroughly explained in the study material section. The process of knee bending is very important in order to regain the desired range of motion of the knee joint, to achieve it knee bending must be performed firstly in sitting position in the initial stages, after the stitches are removed roughly 1 week after the operation is done, it also varies according to different conditions, after it knee bending is also done in supine lying...

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