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Pain management, this section of the physio quest may basically come up with the different steps and measures that should be taken so as to relieve the pain.

Pain in the body may arise due to many factors, it can be caused due to either pathological causes or traumatic cases, pain in traumatic cause may arise due to any trauma caused either by a direct hit, history of fall, road traffic accidents and many more, pain in pathological cases many come up due to some pathology caused in the body secondary to some disease.

Now this pain caused can be acute, chronic, continuous , radiating, dull-aching, and many more ,all depending upon the type of disease the person is suffering from,

The pain caused may have many side-effects on the body, pain may disturb the daily living activities of the person making it difficult for them to cope up with the daily routine, also the pain caused may restrict some movements of the body depending on the grade of pain.

The intensity of the pain caused can be checked with the help of pain scales that may tell up the level of pain the patient is suffering from, most commonly the 'NPR scale' i.e. Numeric Pain rating scale is used, this scale consists of 11 points from 0 to 10 in which the point 0 may tell up with no pain and the point 10 may tell the extreme pain, unimaginable.

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