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Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare neurological condition, it is an auto - immune disorder that may be caused due to many reasons, a viral infection is also responsible for this condition, also low immunity increases up the chances of the disease. The person  may feel weakness in the limbs also the most significant symptom seen is glove stocking pattern that is there will be paresthesia of hands and limbs.
Other clinical features may include some muscular weakness leading to quadriplegia that is weakness in all 4 upper and lower limbs, also if the condition deteriorates there is seen respiratory distress, that it there will be difficulty for the patient to breathe as the respiratory muscles will also undergo paralysis, this can be life threatening too, also there will be involvement of ANS that is autonomic nervous system also tachycardia is seen in such patients, the heart rate of such patients will increase
The patient when seen with relevant symptoms must be taken to hospital immediately, the clinical investigations done here are lumbar puncture for CSF (cerebro spinal fluid) study.
As the disease progresses some complications also arise like in 20% cases there will be a need of artificial ventilation to deal with respiratory distress and tracheotomy will also be done for easy access, apart from these things some other secondary complications may also arise like as bed sores, edema/ fluid accumulations in the limbs, bladder and bowel syndrome.
Treatment of such cases must be done as early as possible, both medical and physiotherapy treatment plays a very important role in its treatment, IgG antibodies are transfused into the body apart from these physiotherapy treatment plays.....

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