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ACL that stands for anterior cruciate ligament plays a major role in performing the knee movements for a athlete. Anterior draw test that is basically used to diagnose whether the ligament has undergone with any pathology or tear. The test mark positive when the knee joint is felt coming forward or been drawn anteriorly from the lower portion of the knee joint. 

The treatment protocol after the diagnosis is based on the degree of tear or stretch that occured due to some injury or trauma. In both surgical and conservative treatment, physiotherapy plays a very crucial role in the rehabilitation processes.

In the grade two tear of the ACL ligament, primarily there is a protocol been followed named as 'RICE' protocol that means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This protocol says that the limb should be kept at rest, the movement must not be done as far as possible, secondly the cryotherapy should be applied at proper intervals and in proper manner, apart from this compression should be given on the limb with the help of some crebe bandages and lastly the limb should be kept elevated with the help of some pillows and quilts so that the venous drainage must not hamper. Proper rest of 4 - 6 weeks must be adviced to the patient, A proper pattern of exercises must also be started so as to begin the strengthening protocol of the knee joint, starting from the ankle toe movements, and isometric exercises of the quadriceps and hamstrings, sit and knee extension and the straight leg raise exercises. In the early stage 5 -7 sets must be repeated twice a day. In the later stages of the strengthening protocol exercises like....................... 

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