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For every individual, ergonomics play a very important role in today's life, a person should maintain the basic ergonomics while doing normal daily living activities. 

Ergonomics serve as a relation between human body and the work they do, based on which the muscles and other attachments of the body work, if ergonomics are not followed in doing basic activities it can definitely lead to certain microtrauma that will cause weakness of the muscles and lead to certain postural complaints and also may complicate further.

Employees in IT sector are in much need to follow these ergonomics mainly the people with sitting jobs start complaining of back pain as well as neck pain, the main cause for such pain is bad ergonomics, in sitting jobs a persons must always sit with back fully supported basically in a erect posture, also the elbows must be properly supported on the armrests at a 90-degree angle, the height of the chair must be adjusted in a way that thighs must be parallel to the ground and lastly the screen must be at the eye level for proper neck positioning.

Ergonomics must also be kept in mind while driving a car, both arms should be at a level of 3'o clock and 9'o clock position at the steering wheel and also Sit up straight with head close to the headrest and also the back seat at an angle of 90-degree.

Ergonomically one of the main reason for back pain is forward bending and lifting heavy objects from the ground, to prevent this if a person needs to lift heavy objects from the ground, he/she must bend the knees keeping the back straight and then carefully extend the knees so as to put minimal pressure on the back. 

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