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Well, physical therapy has been changed a lot in last 10 - 20 years.

As there is a lot many changes in the fields of science and technology, the treatment is becoming more effective and specific. With the time, more manual techniques are been practiced that are specific and pain- free.

Coming firstly with the electro-therapy modalities, the modalities in the past decade was only operational on some specific frequencies, also were massive and heavy, compared to present where the modalities now are more treatment specific where most of the modalities come up with inbuilt programmes based on specific conditions with already specified pulse width and frequencies for proper treatment, also with time modalities are becoming more handy and easy to use and too battery operated.

The branch of manual therapy is also changed a lot with time, the techniques are more purified with a wide base of clinical trials so as the chances of errors are minimised, daily a lot many new articles and researches are been published online, this shows that young therapists are taking an active role in finding new branches in the field of physical therapy.

With time, some of the old techniques are eliminated while some are extensively used based upon the errors and treatment specificity, also branches of physiotherapy such as sports physiotherapy are gaining more importance, the role of a sports physiotherapist is increasing with increasing opportunities in sports sector. Apart from ortho and neuro physiotherapist, cardio physiotherapist is also gaining importance from the last decade, hospitals are now hiring cardio physiotherapist specially in cardiac units to deal specifically with chest physiotherapy.

In common man's point of view, the role and importance of physical therapy is increasing day by day, people are getting aware of it , now people are skipping the medicinal parts and moving towards such techniques for their better living.

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