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In this decade, the scope for a career in physical therapy is increasing day by day.

With an increase in the sedentary lifestyle people are less aware about how to maintain their health status and also are lacking in such health conditions, it can be also due to poverty or illiteracy in developing countries but can also be due to busy lifestyle and schedules in a corporate world where people have no time to look after their health and are busy in their work matters, due to this they may deteoriate their health status.

Considered as a health profession, physiotherapy also has a vast range of career options based on the skills, needs and interest a person may have....

  • considering physiotherapy, the person may go either clinical practice or for academics teaching, however in clinical physiotherapy there is a handsome earning opportunity with a satisfaction of doing work. The work of a physical therapist is not very easy but the satisfaction you will get in treating the patients along with a good earning opportunity is self admiring.

  • Also a physical therapist may also practice outside India in countries like UK ,USA may bring up with  good amount of money along with satisfaction of work in treating the patients

  • The stream of physical therapy may require a large amount of hard work to be done by therapist in treating the patients and also keep self updated with new skills and technologies.

  • The field of physical therapy will keep you updated with the field of medical sciences along with a close association with some of the specialised fields of medical sciences like orthopaedics, neurology and many more....

  • Considered a medical profession, it is one of the most respectful job that could be done by the person.

  • If you are interested in sports events, there is vast role of a physical therapist in sports rehabilitation as well as postural and gym training protocols.

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